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Since its inception in 1997, the Alan Stirling International Feng Shui School of Excellence has gained an enviable reputation for providing quality, in depth Feng Shui training.

Teaching only the most successful and long lasting traditional Chinese Feng Shui techniques, this is where some of the very best, most effective Feng Shui consultants, practitioners and teachers learnt their art. The school attracts students from all over the world, many of which are professional architects, designers and health practitioners.

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As our reputation for Feng Shui excellence has spread, so has respect for our graduates. If you have received training at a Feng Shui school, you will probably at some point, make your way to the Feng Shui School of Excellence to enhance your education and deepen your knowledge.

In fact, many students from other Feng Shui schools have told us how they wished they had originally trained with us because now they receive the best feng shui consultation results ever! Indeed other Feng Shui schools send their teachers to us to try to emulate this success, and as we believe that Feng Shui should benefit everyone, we welcome practicing Feng Shui consultants and practitioners to our school.

I've put into practice some of the things you've taught me over the past few months and it's amazing!" VS Feng Shui Consultant/ Executive Committee member - Feng Shui Society UK

About Alan

Alan Stirling has become a pioneer in the Feng Shui world since starting his own Feng Shui journey nearly 30 years ago. From his knowledge of science, mysticism, Chinese language and culture, he demystifies Feng Shui so that we can all use Feng Shui to live in natural harmony with our environment.

Alan is a natural healer, Reiki Master and Teacher and as such, is adept at clearing and working with all kinds of energy or Qi. He studied to be an architect and has always had a deep fondness for structure and form. However when helping a school friend to run a disco for a nearby school, he decided to become a disc jockey. This took him to most parts of the world and he became an international broadcaster with an audience of 6 million people.

Progressing from there he stayed in communications and ran a popular magazine for the Middle East, spending the next fifteen years in marketing and communications. During this time he maintained his healing practice and studied world metaphysics, specialising in Chinese philosophy, particularly the I Ching.

"Its a fate thing"

In 1986, Alan first came across the words Feng Shui, which immediately struck a resonance with him and once again changed his fate. Driven by these words, he spent the intervening years studying with Feng Shui masters from east and west, discovering and implementing the deepest secrets of this noble art. He returned to working with buildings and more importantly "people in their environment" and in 1997, at the request of his Feng Shui consultation clients, decided to share this knowledge. So began The Alan Stirling Feng Shui School, now recognised internationally as the Alan Stirling Feng Shui school of Excellence and it is Alan's passion, drive and knowledge that continues to drive our school forward.

It was a pleasure to be studying under the guidance of a real professional. One simply couldn't learn more about authentic Feng Shui and Chinese astrology in a year anywhere else."YLF - Singapore

feng shui master consultant

  • Feng Shui Master and Fellow of the Feng Shui Institute - the Home of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui
  • Senior member of the Feng Shui Educational and Standards committee - setting educational standards for all UK consultants and practitioners
  • Principal tutor and owner of the Alan Stirling International Feng Shui School of Excellence
  • Former Registered Consultant and Regional Chairman Feng Shui Society, UK
  • Author of the most successful Feng Shui Distance Learning courses

Alan still maintains a busy and highly successful international Feng Shui consultancy and his clients include some of the world's best known companies and institutions. He regularly appears in the media, including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The BBC World service, radio and TV. He is usually available for Feng Shui Consultations via